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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Martz Man?

Written 1.22.09

Rumor has it that and Peter King reports that Bill Belichick might be intersted in bring in recently fired Offensive Cordinator Mike Martz to call the plays for the Patriots. Please be a rumor and that is it. Bringing in Martz would be a nightmare. He is an all pass and no run type of coordinator. He is very stubborn in his play calling and while i know that sacred hoodie has great respect and love of Martz I dont think the two will mesh well together. As Rex Ryan said in his pre conference that playing in the Northeast you must have an all weather offense and Martz is more of a one kind of weather offense (perfect weather). You need to run the ball and run the ball well in December and Janurary. WHile Tom Brady would put up rediculous numbers I do not think that this offense and Mike Martz would be a good fit in New England. So hopefully Mike Martz is not a Marked man.

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