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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Matt Cassel is a Chief

By Rocky

Matt Cassel is a Chef

It looks like the deal is the previously reported trade of Vrabel and now Cassel for the now disclosed 34th overall pick.

We think that the $14.65 million was the determining factor in the big move. Many Pats fans—and some on our staff—are crying about not getting much for the stud QB but a move had to be made. Sure, at the end of the season it looked like we could ask the world for the boy wonder, but the market collapsed over the past months. The Vikes went with Sage, the Bears are content with mediocrity at quarterback, the Leos are trying figure out how to work their fax machine, the 9ers didn’t have much to offer and the Bucs looked like they were clearing cap room to make a move but also think Luke McCown might be the answer. Cassel’s stock was up and then down due to the market. And because we don’t know a specific Wall Street simile we’ll pretend that Kraft runs a steakhouse: Essentially we had $14.65 million of prime rib but no room in the fridge for it. If we didn’t take the Chefs’ offer it would have spoiled in our backyard and we wouldn’t have the money to buy creamed spinach or blue cheese for our wedge salads (which if you listen to PFW In Progress, and you should, know that is the only masculine salad period).

We would have liked to get Gonzalez and the 34th overall but that was rendered off the table with the signing of Chris Baker The Touchdown Maker.

The Chiefs also may have offered the third overall pick which in this draft—deep, but not top talent heavy—isn’t as valuable in the long term as the 34th.

Are we psyched about the deal? Not really. Are we happy a deal was made? You betcha. Do we have any other questions that we are asking ourselves? Yes. Without Vrabel who’s going to catch goal line touchdowns?



  1. I am up in the ar about this. True it free's a lot of cash to develop new talent, and the Pat's are known to trade players before they get stale. However, Vrabel? This gave me instant heartburn! He is an amazing player and part of the heart of the Patriots. Versatility is his middle name. In Belichick we trust, I just hope that we get someone remotely close to Mike's abilities both on and off the field, and that is asking for a lot from any athlete!!

  2. I agree, Its tough seeing Vrabel go because of his versitilty and leadership. I also think they could have gotten more that a second round pick.