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Friday, February 27, 2009

NOOOOO! Vrabel traded to the Chefs for?

By: Greg

When I read that Mike Vrabel was in KC for a physical I was thinking what are the Patriots doing! As I write this post I am thinking the same thing. What is the point in trading a versatile, smart linebacker who knows the system, a great leader and still puts up solid numbers across the board.

Vrabel, who was one of my favorite players on the team, lead the Patriots in sacks in 2007 with 12.5 and made the Pro Bowl. He was versatile enough to play inside, outside, D end and even tight end, where all he does is catch touchdowns. He was also a key component of the Foxboro locker room.

This leaves the Patriots linebacking core very thin.

Projected starters:
OLB Adalius Thomas
ILB Jerod Mayo
ILB Tedy Bruschi
OLB Pierre Woods
OLB Shawn Crable
OLB Vince Redd
OLB Darrell Robertson
OLB Angelo Craig
OLB Tully Banta-Cain
ILB Gary Guyton
ILB Bo Ruud
ILB Eric Alexander

Is Piere Woods or Tully for You Banta Cain really a starter in the NFL? I do not think so. The Patriots MUST draft an OLB in the first or second round of the draft.

There are two schools of thought out there about this deal:

1. It is about money

Look Vrabel was only owed over 2 million next year and 4.3 on the cap that is not much at all for a starting Pro Bowl OLB. If this is a move to keep Matt Cassel on the team I think it is extremely dumb. Why pay a back up 14 million and not pay a starter 2 million.

2. Its part of a bigger deal

I hope this one is correct. I am hoping the Pats send Matt Cassel to the Chefs for something good. How about that Tony Gonzalez fella (because we know he doesn't want to play in KC) and a couple draft picks. If this is the case then I will be more accepting of this trade.

I will now sit and wait and hope we land something or someone big. We will miss you Mike Vrabel.

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