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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Ten Plays of 2008

By Greg Rak

Here are the TOP 10 plays of the Patriots 2008-09 season:

10. Kevin Faulk’s fourth down run out of a direct snap to get a score and seal the win vs Niners

9. Kevin Faulks 16 yard reception from Matt Cassell vs the Rams with 3 minutes left in the game for the victory

8. Tie* Randy Moss’ 76 yard touchdown catch and run and Wes Welkers snow angle vs the Cardinals in a 47-7 blow out

7. Wes Welkers 64 yard catch and run vs the Dolphins in a revenge win to set up a touchdown for a ten point lead going into the fourth quarter

6. Ellis Hobbs 95 yard touchdown kick return to respond to the Raiders kick return for a touchdown on the previous play to contribute to the 49-26 romp by the Pats.

5. Wes Welker’s third down catch gaining 25 yards to the Seattle 6 yard line to set up the winning touchdown with less than 3 minutes to play

4.. Matt Cassel 13 yard touchdown rush to put the Pats up 7-0 over the Bills in the first quarter.

3. Bill Belicheks call on third down and 8 to punt the ball along with Matt Cassels 57 yard punt in the wind.

2. Brandon Meriweather’s strip sack vs Seattle to win the game

1. Cassel Pass to Randy Moss vs the Jets to force OT

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