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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on Vrabel Trade to the Chefs

By Greg

Every Pats fan right now is scratching thier undisclose draft pick?? It can mean only one thing; this is part of a bigger deal which includes Matt Cassel. is speculating that the only thing that is holding the deal up is the contract negiotations between the Chefs and Cassel.
With a trade of Cassel and Vrabel to the Chefs it would take 20 million off the books for the Patriots. Allowing them to sign other free agents or go in house and signing guys like Wilfork to long term deals.
As said before I am really hoping Tony G is part of this deal and the Patriots get at least a first back in this deal. Time will tell. I am expecting to see something by tomorrow.

Oh and you ask why I call the Chiefs the CHEFS? :

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