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Friday, March 6, 2009

Five New Contracts to Consider

By Rocky

Five fresh John Hancocks, five grammar school type questions. Fill in the blank:

Word Bank
Shawn Springs, Greg Lewis, James Sanders, Chris Hanson, Eric Alexander

1. The last contract of ___________’s career has most likely not been signed; he will be a free agent again when he is 28.

2. Yikes. ____________ missed playing time after he wounded himself with an axe whilst getting fired up in the locker room.

3. When you Google "____________" a tenor saxophonist is the first entry.

4. Ron, ___________’s father, played for the Buccaneers.

5. The Illini's _________ went undrafted when he came out in 2003.


1. James Sanders (insurance for Rodney Harrison?). 2. Chris Hanson (Jack Del Rio tried to motivate his team by having them chop wood. Hanson might be a Nordic name but the Pro Bowler is no lumberj√§ck). 3. The man with two first names, Eric Alexander, was born in Tyler, Texas. 4. Shawn Springs (Ron also played for the Cowboys but sported that awesome Bucs’ creamsicle uni). 5. Greg Lewis ‘n the News.


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