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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Joeyyy Gunz: Galloway signs with the Patriots

By Greg
ESPN is reporting that the Patriots have signed Joey Galloway to a one year deal. Galloway had a career low 13 catches last year in an injury plagued season. But the previous three years he totaled over 1,000 yards in each season.

After trading for Greg Lewis I thought the Patriots would not be going after Joeyyy or any other free agent Wide Out, even though I was very intrigued with the possibility of Tory Holt. That being said I like this signing. Yes he is old. Yes he only had 13 catches last season. Yes he is often injured but he is an upgrade Jabar Drops Gaffney and Greg Lewis.

Reasons why I like this trade:

  • He can stretch the field and is known for his speed. Perfect compliment to the Water Bug and Swagger like Moss

  • He can produce- having 1,000 yards in his previous three seasons before last

  • As a 3rd wideout he can beat most 3rd corner backs, on the Bucs he was most of the time covered by the number one corner back
  • Plus dudes got GUNZ

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