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Monday, March 2, 2009

Patrtiots Re-Sign Russ Hochstein

By Rocky

The Pats re-upped the 6’4” 350 lb lineman Russ Hochstein. You may know what designer Gisele’s dogs wore to the B√ľndchen-Brady! wedding but how well do you know Big Russ? Like the fact that he actually only weighs 305 pounds.

*Tell us how you did in the comments section...

1. What jersey number does Big Russ wear?
a. 69
b. 72
c. 71
d. 00
e. 67

2. What team signed Big Russ to his first pro contract?
a. Pats
b. Bucs
c. Titans
d. Yankees
e. Argonauts

3. Big Russ has played ________ for the Pats. Select all that apply.
a. Guard
b. Center
c. Holder
d. Tight End
e. Fullback

4. If Big Russ were on Jeopardy which category would he most likely pick?
a. 18th Century American Literature
b. Countries in European Union
c. Potent Potables
d. Cryptozoology
e. World Wars

5. What metaphor was he in the “Five Layers of Protection” Visa commercial?
a. Zero Liability
b. Fraud Monitoring
c. Identity Theft Assistance
d. Signature Verification
e. 3-Digit Code

1 (c. 71; if you got this one, congrats, you didn’t stumble upon this post looking for Brazilian bikini model news, or did you?) 2 (b. Bucs; Tampa took Nebraska’s Russ—don’t call me Russel—Hochstein in the 5th round of the 2001 Draft) 3 (a. b. d. and e.; He’s played every down-lineman position for the Pats and lined up as full back on Corey Dillion’s two yard touchdown in SB43. As for holder, the only thing Big Russ holds is his main squeeze and on rare occasions a charging defensive player) 4 (e. World Wars; Potent Potables would be fun to say but he’s a history buff) 5. (b. Fraud Monitoring)

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