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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pats get WR Greg Lewis in trade

By: Greg

The Patriots have a void at the 3rd WR spot and might have just filled it. Today the Patriots traded what is believe to be a 5th round pick for WR Greg Lewis from the Iggles (Pats also recieve a 7th rounder in 2010).

Lewis is known for his speed so he might be able to stretch the field. Last season he talled 19 catches , 1 td and 247 yards, I know not eye catching stats. His best year was in 2005 when he caught 48 balls and had 561 yards. Other than that he has never snatch more than 24 pigskins in a year and that is on an Iggles team who were hurting for a Wideout, any wideout to help Donavan McThrown Up.

As you can tell I am not ecstatic about Lewis. The Pats front office must see something in him that I do not. But that being said they are only giving up a 5th round pick in a draft where they have a ton of picks. Lewis is probably better than any WR that they could have picked up in the 5th. But I hope they still are searching for a 3rd wideout. Also Lewis' contract is extremely cheap which is a plus.

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