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Friday, March 13, 2009

Polling the FOBs

By Greg
What is a FOB?
A Fob stands for Friends of the Blog.

Here at NE Patriots Blog we recently polled all of you FOBs, asking you the question: Are you happy with the Cassel trade?

The answers were:
Hell No! We gave up too much (30%)
Yes! It needed to be done to clear cap (45%)
Ehh I dunno (25%)

First off, for those who could not make up your mind...where is your head at. You have to have an opinion one way or another. You are the guy/girl sitting a the local watering hole and when asked about the trade and all you have to say is ehhhh i dunno! Come on now. I bet after a couple Narragansetts you would be screaming at the bar tender that the Patriots could have gotten way more for Cassel or telling your friend that hes is a fucking idiot for not seeing the value in clearing cap. So next time you vote on our polls, take a few shots of tequila and make up your mind.

The majority of you FOBS feel that the trade needed to be done to clear cap. They save a crap load of money which lead to the signings of Fred Taylor, Chris Baker, Leigh Botten and Shawn Springs. If they had kept Cassel waiting for the best deal they might have gotten more buttttttt they would not have had room to sign these fine young gentlemen. So looking at the big picture we traded Cassel and Vrabel for a 2nd rounder, Leigh Botten and Shawn Springs. The deal doesnt look to bad any more now does it. It also gives the Pats room to resign Vince Wilfork, any day now, I am waiting and hoping.

We thank you FOBers for voting on the first poll. A new poll will be up shortly. Also if you FOBs arent already friends with us on Facebook, friend us NewEngland PatriotsBlog is the name, writing shitty posts is my game (gregs).

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