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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sibling Rivalry: Jason Taylor or Julius Peppers

By: Greg and Rocky

*This is a new segment to New England Patriots Blog: Sibling Rivalry.

As brothers it's natural that we argue. Growing up we would fight about who was the bigger chowderhead, who would get to pick the Patriots in a game of Madden or who would take the rap this time for almost burning down the house (sorry mom!) but now we have grown up and while we aren't much more mature, the things we fight about are. We now argue over which basketball conference is better the Big East (Rocky) or the ACC (Greg) and, of course, the Patriots. These conversations usually happen after a couple of Narragansetts at the bar but since we are miles apart now we will have to fight over e-mail, text message and on this blog. Which one of us is the chowderhead is now for you to decide

Round 1: Who would you rather on the Patriots, Jason Taylor or Julius Peppers?

Julius Peppers (Rocky)
  1. Listen, lil bro, I'd rather add some Peppers to the magical mix. Like a horse breeder I'm very wary of injuries and Jason Taylor will need to mobile, agile and hostile. Note: Brady has never really been mobile. But let's look at the raw data.

  2. Peppers is half a decade younger.

  3. Total tackles last year Taylor 29; Peppers 51. Total sacks last season Taylor 3.5; Peppers 14.5. Fox trot Taylor 22; Peppers n/a.

  4. Also Taylor is way too pretty for our locker room. I can't see him taking a backseat to Brady like Moss has done so well. If some miracle enables Peppers to negotiate a reasonable contract (perhaps a cheap one-year then after a Super Bowl with the Pats he can demand a monster in time for the possible non-salary cap season in 2010) I think we take the freak.

Jason Taylor (Greg)

  1. Cost about 10 million dollars cheaper.I know Im the brother eating at the dollar menu while you dine at places you actually have utensils but saving is my forte and the Pats could do a whole lot with that extra 10 million

  2. Patriots love him
    BB has been know to gush about him and Tom Brady is a close buddy (but he wasn’t invited to the wedding)

  3. He is a Patriots killer
    Whenever he played the Pats he would disrupt Brady or Cassel ((10/21), picked off a Matt Cassel pass and went 36 yards for a touchdown and Cassel was promptly benched)

  4. He is a natural pass rusher
    While he does not have the stats last year that Peppers does he does lead the NFL in sacks over the last 4 years

  5. He is an outside linebacker and can play with his hand on the ground or out in space
    Can not say the same for Peppers, he has never played OLB and has never had to cover anyone. I say that Peppers who not be able to cover even Christia Furia never mind Tony Gonzalez or Dallas Clarke

OK FOBs (Friends of the Blog) tell us who won Round 1 of the Sibling Rivalry and which prospective Pat you'd rather have.


  1. Both make good points but I still rather have Peppers, he would be a beast in our defense

  2. I think Taylor is more probable

  3. i gotta go with greg...made better points