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Monday, March 9, 2009

Springing for 3 years: Shawn signs for 3 years

Shawn Springs deal is officially 3 years and could be worth as much as 13 million if he earns all of his incentives. Springs is Turing 34 in a few days and has 34 career interceptions.
He should start next to Ellis Hobbs.

-Physical corner
- Very Experienced
-Can Shut down new AFC east rival T.O.
-Will be good for the Pats younger corners to learn from
-Very good at covering slot receivers
-It at least gives the Pats depth at CB

- Hes 34 years old
- Its a 3 year deal where he will be a 37 year old corner...ehhhh

Yes he is old but overall he provides a solid corner. The Pats are hurting in the secondary and I think a veteran presence such as Springs will help out the younger corners. Whilte and Wheatley should improve over the next season and look for the Pats to take at least one CB in their first four picks.

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