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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blaugh: New England Patriots blog becomes part of Sports Blog Net Network

We here at NE Patriots blog are proud to become part of Sports Blog Net Network
What is Sports Blog Net?....
Sports Blog Net is currently built on the principal of making all blogs in the network as successful as possible. Both in terms of money and traffic.
Read all the quality blogs in the network
Write for a blog in the network
Discover new blogs
Build a new free sports blog
Join the network as an additional revenue and traffic source for your sports blog
Our goals are to get all the small blogs out to the masses, give new bloggers the ability to get the exposure they are looking for, and give sports fans a destination that they want to visit everyday.

So hopefully through this we can gain more readership and gain more F.O.Bs (friend of the blog), is that what life is all about?

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