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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hell of a job interview, Willie McGinest

By Rocky:

In’s “Ask Willie” chat this question was posed:

"Willie, you hinted earlier on possibly ending your career with the Patriots. Can we assume that you are coming back to play this upcoming season and if so, where would you prefer to end your brilliant career? "

Willie McGinest, Linebacker

"All I can say is that it has to be the right team and the right situation, Parkar. And the Patriots are on that list. You are asking some good questions, why don't you call Robert Craft for me and get that deal done.

While we don’t count spelling or grammer (sic) on this blog but we’d know how to write our boss’s name correctly—it was on his paycheck for twelve seasons. In case you were wondering the person who posed the question was actually named “Parkar.” And by the way our boss’s name is Mr. Dumbass.

Then we saw this:

"Whats it like playing in three super bowls?"

Willie McGinest, Linebacker


Ha, we thought, it’s “indescribable!” Oh Willie, you are just like Alvin Mack in The Program. All football smarts…and then we actually looked up undescribable and Mr. Roget told us that we probably should have gotten public administration degrees at USC like Willie.


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