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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Less than zero percent chance of trading to the Top 10

Good old BB has said that the rumors are false that they will be trading into the top 10 and there is a less than zero percent chance that it will happen.

Thank God. I dont see anyone who is worth that kind of money and picks in the Top 10 and I guess BB doesnt either.

He did say that there is a good chance that the Pats will move back out of 23 or 34.

"I think the odds are good. We’ve had a lot of inquiries on our picks – 23, 34, 47 – it’s a lot of preliminary talks but you never know what those things are going to amount to. I think if teams see players on the board that they’re interested in, they might want those picks, and we’ve moved those in the past. A couple of years ago, with San Francisco. Last year, with San Diego for a second. We’re certainly not opposed to doing that if the deal is right, we’ll strike it.”
More to come."- BB

I love Draft day, let the games begin!

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