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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

N.E. Mail

By: Greg

We here at NE Patriots Blog encourage our readers to send us questions you have for us via email or via our facebook wall (NewEngland PatriotsBlog). You can also send comments/statements and we will publish those in our blog posts (if they are worthy). Today we answer some questions from our F.O.B.S.

Hey Pats Blog, do you think the Patriots will trade any of their first four picks to go up into the Top 10?- Alex- New Bedford, MA

New Bedford, home of the Whalers. Honestly I do not think that there is any player at the top of the draft that is worth trading up for, and I think the Patriots are thinking the same thing. Also they do not want to pay Top 10 money, they traded down last year so they did not have to pay Mayo (whom they would have taken if they did not trade) Top 8 money. I think the Pats will stay pat in the first round but come second round I think there is a good chance that the Pats will wheal and deal. Look for them to either package picks to move up to grab a guy who slips or a guy like Pat White who they seem to be targeting. If that does not happen I can see them making a trade like last season with Chargers (swapping this years 2nd for next years 2nd plus another pick)

Is the picture on top of your website a picture of you guys?- Jennifer

Hey Jennifer. Yes that is a picture of both Rocky and I on top of the page. I am the better looking one eating a steak during last season. I was tailgating at the Razor and we forgot steak knives and forks so we went offensive linemen style and ate steak with our hands. Rocky is the one at the computer, working hard on this blog.

Why do the Pats always have to play in Buffalo in late December?

Good question, and I have no idea. We beat them up anyway so bring on the wind bring on the snow. Lets go 19 and O

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