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Friday, April 17, 2009

NFL Mock Draft 4/18/2009


Version III Updated 4/19/09 ....You can find a large mock draft data base at

1. Detroit Kittens
Team Needs: QB, MLB, DE, CB
Matthew Stafford – QB- GA
They need a QB who does not run out of the back of the End zone, Stafford has the tools but does he have ‘it’.

2. St Louie Rams
Team Needs: OT, CB, MLB
Jason Smith- OT- Baylor
An OT is a must here: Its either Smith or Monroe.

3. KC Chefs
Team Needs: LB, OT, DE, WR
Aaron Curry- OLB – Wake
Could be the best player in the draft. With Pioli there I see them taking a defensive player.

4. Seattle Super Sonics
Team Needs: WR, DT, FS,
Mark Sanchez- QB- USC
This guy has been climbing draft boards and gives the hawks insurance for when Hasselbeck leaves.

5. Cleveland Brownies
Team Needs: LB, OT, TE, CB, and a COACH (haha)

Brain Orrakpo- OLB- Texas
The Brownies will bulster their defense with a solid pass rusher.

6. Bungals
Team Needs: WR, OT, C, DT
Eugene Monroe- OT- Vir.
A stacked year for OTs, Bungles need a safety valve for Palmer.

7. Da Raiiiiders
Team Needs: OT, DT, WR
Micheal Crabtree- WR
Ultimately Crabtree drops because of his injury but Al Davis wont let him get past 7.

8. Jaguars
Team Needs: OT, WR, CB
Andre Smith- OT- Alabama
I see the Jags trading out of this spot if they can, if they cant they land a talented OT.

9. Packers
Team Needs: CB, OLB, OT, DE
Aarron Maybin- DE- Penn St.
The Pakers need an outside rusher and Maybin can get off the edge like no one else in this draft but is he just a one year wonder.

10. Niners
Team Needs: QB, CB, OT, OLB, WR,
Malcom Jenkins- CB- Ohio State
1st CB taken bolsters the Niners secondary.

11. Bills
Team Needs: TE, DE, OG, OT
Everett Brown- DE- FSU.
Gives the Bills an edge rusher.

12. Broncos
Team Needs: DT, LB, DB
BJ Raji- DT- BC.
Raji drops because of his off the field problems, BB’s protégé sees a Vince Wilfork like DT in Raji and wont let him by pick 12.

13. Redskins
Team Needs: OT, OLB, DE
Micheal Oher- OT- Ole Miss
Another OT goes off the board here. Also look for the Skins to trade up if Sanchez drops a little bit.

14. Saints
Team Needs: OLB, CB, C
Chris Wells- RB- Ohio State.
A thunder to Bush’s lightning.

15. Texans
Team Needs: S, OLB, RB
Brain Cushing- LB- USC
Versatile LB who can play inside or outside.

16. Chargers
Team Needs: OL, DE, ILB
Tyson Jackson- DE – LSU
Outside rusher to compliment Steriods Lights Out.

17. Jets
Team Needs: Their own stadium, QB, WR, S
Jeremey Maclin- WR- Mizz
If Maclin falls this far, Jets will scoop him up but who will throw to him????

18. Broncos
Rey Maluga- LB- USC
With Raji and Maluga the broncos get a lot better on the Defensive side of the ball.

19. Buccs
Peria Jerry- DT- Miss
Team Needs: QB, DT, WR, RB, OLB
With the addition of Leftwich it all but eliminates QB here. The New coach is a defensive guy and goes with a defensive stopper in Jerry.

20. Lions
Team Needs: QB, MLB, DE, CB
Clay Matthews- LB- USC
The third LB from USC taken. Lions get two solid picks in the first round.

21. Bills
Team Needs: TE, DE, OG, OT
Brandon Pettigrew- TE – OK State
A TE to go along with T.O. is a smart move.

22. Vikings
Team Needs: OT, CB, DL
Darius Butler- CB- Uconn
Viks need help in their secondary badly.

23. Patriots
Team Needs: OLB, OT, DB, MLB, WR of future,
Knowshon Moreno- RB- Georgia
Yes the last two mocks I went with an OLB but more and more “experts” say that they Pats are looking at RBs with the first pick. If Moreno is here and all the talent he has I see BB scooping him up and concentrating on OLB and DB in the second round where they could get a guy like Barwin if he slips. Remember that second round pick is early so their still will be some first round talent there. If I am BB though I take an OLB here and hope that Donald Brown from Uconn a RB, slips to me at the second round.

24. Falcons
Team Needs: DL, OLB, S
Larry English- DL- N. Illinois
Falcons need help on the defensive side of the ball.

25. Dolphins
Team Needs: WR, CB, OLB
Vontae Davis- CB- Illinois

26. Baltimore
Team Needs: WR, LB,
Hakeem Nicks- WR- UNC
Need some help for Joey Flacco. Look for them to try to get Bolden with trading this pick.

27. Colts
Team Needs: DT, WR, DB, new commercial for Peyton
Darius Heywood Bey- WR- Maryland.
Seems like every year that Colts go offensive with their first pick. With Harrison gone look for a WR to be the pick here.

28. Eagles
Team Needs: TE, S, RB, WR
Percy Harvin- WR- Fla
Harvin’s ego hurt his stock but McNabb will like throwing to the weapons of Harvin, Westbrooke and Jackson next year.

29. Giants
Team Needs: WR, OT, OLB, RB, TE, S
Kenny Brit- WR- Rutgers
Need to plug the hole of Plaxico’s wound but is Brit the right fit?

30. Titans
Team Needs: WR, DT, MLB
James Laurenitis- MLB- Ohio State
This guy has dropped in many mock and is high value here.

31. Cards
Team Needs: OL, RB, CB
Donald Brown- RB- Uconn
Can catch and run, dangerous out of the backfield. Will be starter by the end of the year.

32. Steelers
Team Needs: OL, DL, CB
Max Unger- OL- Cali
Gives the Steelers help on one of their weaknesses.

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