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Friday, April 3, 2009

You CUT to be kidding me: Cutler worth two 1st Rounders!

By: Greg

You have GOT to be kidding me! Jay Cutler is worth two first rounders, a third rounder and a decent QB and Matt Cassel is only worth ONE second rounder?

Something is wrong with this picture.

Lets see.......
  • Cutler has a sub .500 record, Cassel was 11-5.

  • Cutler is a punk, Cassel is not. You can not have a punk for a team leader.

  • They both have had the same caliber of weapons (Moss, Welker vs Brandon Marshall, Stokley and Royal).

  • Both had to be traded (Cutler was a baby and Cassel cost too much)

  • Jay Cutler has never won in College or in the NFL, Cassel is one year of playing won 11 games and showed comeback ability

  • Cutler had 7 more interceptions than Cassel

Overall you could say that these two quaterbacks are very similar in ability/value. Some say Cutler is better, some say Cassel is better.

But there is no way that Cutler is worth two first rounders, a third, a decent QB and Cassel is only worth 1 second rounder.

Well who/what is to blame?

  • Timing- The Patriots were too eager to trade Matt Cassel instead of waiting a few days/weeks to anaylze the best package for Cassel

  • Bill Bilichek- Blasphemy, I know- But maybe his loyalty to Pioli and his impatience might have cost the Patriots in this trade.

  • Money and Contracts- Maybe teams were afraid to give Cassel who is inexperienced big money that he was owed

By moving Cassel early we were able to sign multiple free agents. That being said...could they have waited at least a few days to make sure they were getting the best package.

But as always in Bill we trust. Maybe he will think about signing this Jay Cutler. Defensive lineman anyone?


  1. Guess the Bears like him...they really, really like him.
    What gets me is that it wasn't just Cassel for one second round pick, they got Vrabel too!!!

  2. Great point Julie!!!!!!

  3. Well, I liked Vrabel as a player too but it was reported that they were going to cut him anyway to save money on the salary cap so they threw him into the trade so he could pick up his bonus

  4. Well, at least he got something out of it--- but, he will missed!!!

  5. I concur with you............he will be missed........he was part of the championships, a total classs act!

  6. Absolutley!! Not very many of those left in the NFL....Unfortunately!

  7. On one hand I can see from a business point of view cutting/trading Vrabel. But from a team chemistry/leadership view, I suspect his presense will be missed. But, I suspect Coach sees someone else who was starting to step up as a leader, he's too savvy not to realize that the chemistry must be there.

  8. hopefully it will be another exciting and successful year. I hope Rodney Harrison comes back. Little by little the team is having player turnover.

  9. I am hoping for a great season--- it will be nice to see Brady back.... although, Cassel did a great job filling in.... Those are some BIG shoes he had to try and fill!

  10. Hopefully Brady is totally healthy. I can't wait to see him start throwing some deep bombs to Moss, Welker, and Galloway,etc.....

  11. Oh, I know.... the Brady/Moss combo is a beautiful sight to see!!!!

  12. Like you said there aren't enough character guys in the nfl...... The Stallworth situation is tragic. A loss of a innocent life and his career could be in jeopardy if the accusations are true.With that being said I am not sold on Brady Quinn as of yet but I am sure he will get his chance this year.

  13. I can only say, In Bill we trust, with regard to the Casse/?Vabrel trade. I to would like to see Rodney back, but would not be suprised if we see a youth movement in that position. Lastly, I am excited to see what some veteran retreads like Galloway and Taylor might have left in the tank....

  14. Let's hope Bill played that one right and Brady doesn't get knocked out in week one!!! :( I agree with what you say about Harrison.... It is gonna be a very interesting year!!!

  15. Well you can always put on your Patriots jersey on..........I have trust in Bill, nobody can forsee injuries and just look at this prior year with all the injuries and we still competed at such a high level.Your name is Hope so lets hope we stay injury free for the most part. And we'll be saying"ALL ABOARD".

  16. WOW! Great Patriots chatter going on here! We love it!

    Isnt it great that our team has a guy like Bill where no matter what he does we, as fans can still put our trust in him.

  17. Well, I own 2 jerseys, just for the record.... LOL You have to trust Bill, I mean, seriously- look what he has done for this team.... Even if it doesn't seem to make sense at first sometimes, it ALWAYS works out in the end.....Let's def "hope" for an injury free season this year.....I can't WAIT for football season..... lol

  18. the bears are a black hole for quarter backs, there careers are over usually in one year.