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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Final year as a Pat for Vince?

By: Greg

If the draft was any indication all signs point to Vince Wilfork not being re upped next year when is contract is over. The Patriots first drafted DT Ron Brace out of BC, no big deal, they need some depth on the D line. But it was pretty early in the draft to be drafting depth, when there were much more pressing needs that they could have addressed.

Then in the sixth round they DT Pyror out of Kentucky. A run stuffing big man who is very athletic. Then in the seventh round they draft another DT out of Georgia Tech.

So in all they draft three DT's out of their 12 picks.

They already have Mike Wright and Titus Adams on the roster. This puts them at 6 DT deep in a scheme where only one DT plays at a time. They also have Richard Seymour, Ty Warren and J. Green who all can play the DT in the 3-4 scheme.

Looking at that I think it spells doom for Wilfork being a Patriots next season. They drafted his protege in Brace early then took a shot with two others late hoping one can turn out into something good.

In the 3-4 scheme DTs are extremely important. Vince is an absolute beast. But in being a beast he will ask for beast like money, money that I dont think the Patriots are looking to pay. I am hoping that they can work out a deal with Vince but the signs point to Wilfork taking the other fork in the road.

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