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Friday, May 8, 2009

Maroney not phoney

By: Greg

Laurence Maroney has not been what everyone in New England thought he would be when he was drafted out of Minnesota in the first round. In his first year he showed flashes of greatness but in the years following he was either injured or playing too soft.
This lead to the Pats taking away more and more of his carries, giving them to Straight Ahead Sammy Morris or Kevin "I Can" Faulk "ing do everything." Now the Pats have brought in Pro Bowler Fred Taylor who will be in line to take away more carries and maybe even the starting position.
People are counting Laurence out, but he is not doing the same........
"I'm working hard and feeling good," he said. "Whenever somebody counts you out, you want to show them they're wrong.”
Being in the last year of his contract Maroney has to show something this year to the Patriots or other teams who might want to sign him next year.

“I feel like this has to be my year. There’s no other way around it,” he said. “I just feel like I have to be better this year. … I was a first-rounder with a lot of expectations. I know how good I can be. I know my worth to the team. … This is the year I really have to prove to the fans, to the coaches, to the world I can be this running back, I can be the guy for (Bill) Belichick and the Patriots.”

Lets hope he is a man of his word. This year he will have a lot of motivation = $$$$$$$$ and push = Taylor, Faulk, Morris. We can only hope that these things make him the running back we all expected when drafted in the first round.
So Maroney please do not make this year phoney.

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