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Friday, May 1, 2009

Patriots Trade for TE Alex Smith

By: Greg
The Patriots have made a trade for TE Alex Smith from the Buccaneers for an Undisclosed Draft Pick. The pick is most likely a late round pick and the patriots have plenty of them to give next year.
Last season Smith compiled 21 receptions for 250 yards and 3 scores. As a rook Alex had 41 catches for 367 yards and two TDs.
Alex enters what seems to be a tight TE competition. The Pats already brought in Chris Baker (who will make the team) and have Ben Watson and David "Baconater" Thomas on the roster. Watson is also a lock to make the team. So it seems like it will be a battle between Thomas and Smith for the final TE spot.
The one thing that is intriguing is that Smith's contract is up after the year just like the rest of the the Pats TEs.
Overall I like this trade because:

  • They are not giving up much at all

  • He has talent, lead the league in receptions for rookie TEs

  • This aquisition and bringing in Baker could kick Watson in the butt, pushing him to suceed.

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