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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wildcard!: Julian Edelman

By: Greg

The new trend in the NFL seems to be finding an outstanding athlete and putting him on the field in what ever way you can. The redskins have done it with Randel El, the Browns with Cribbs, the Jets with Brad Smith all whom were QBs in college. Bill Belichick might be pulling his WILDCARD in a player named Julian Edelman out of Kent State:

Edelman is an extremely athletic QB who is being groomed to be a WR/playmaker. In his career at Kent State he rushed for over 2300 yards, threw for about 5,000 yards, had over 30 TDs, and even punted 8 times.
He seems to be impressing at training camp hoping to grab a roster spot.

I am hoping this guy catches on and can be another card in which BB can play. You can groom him to be a slot receiver while putting him in Wildcat formations and letting him do work on special teams. Edelman will be a guy to watch during the preseason and a guaranteed Foxboro Favorite.

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