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Monday, June 29, 2009

Welker and Cassel reunite; Wes tells him to pick up the check

By: Greg
Whenever Rocky (the older bro) comes to town I try my best to pick up the check but it rarely happens. Wes Welker, the water bug and Matt Cassel have a brother-brother relationship but with Matts new raise in salary Wes is not looking to picking up any more checks between the two of them.

"I'm very happy for him because now he can pick up all the restaurant bills and things like that," Welker said Saturday at the charity football camp he holds each year at his former high school. "If I ever need a loan, I can always come to him."

Matt and Wes along with former Pat Larry Izzo were helping out at a football camp in which Welker picks up the check for all the campers.

"For one day, that includes the tab for the camp through his 83 Foundation that was entirely free for the 360 at-risk children ages 5 to 12. The turnout was the most in the camp's four-year history, and three times as big as it was on a rainy day last summer. The kids faced temperatures around 100 degrees on the fields at Heritage Hall High School.
"Looking at it from when I was younger, this is like a once in a lifetime type of opportunity that a lot of kids wouldn't have that opportunity," Welker said.
"So, getting to have this camp for them, it's fun for me. A lot of times when you do paid camps, the kids don't appreciate it as much as these kids. They really appreciate it, and they really kind of grasp onto you and they're very grateful for what you're doing."
You gotta love the WaterBug.

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