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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coach Bruschi

By: Greg

As fan favorite Tedy Bruschi comes to the end of his career he is starting to think about plans for after the game. At a clinic he hosted for local youth he expressed those plans:

“I know I can coach,’’ said Bruschi. “I know the game. I’ve been in it so long. It’s just going to be a matter of what I do when I’m done. It’s a passion of mine. I know I love football. I know I want to be in it. Let’s just see what I’ll be doing.’’

He is coaching at his clinic, and BB has rubbed off on him

“I’ve mapped out the field, where the stations will be, how the guys will teach their fundamentals. It’s a little Belichickian because I’ve been trying to keep it organized.’’

Right now Bruschi is a coach on the field, and is mentoring the younger LBs. I could 100 percent see Tedy Bruschi being a great coach. A Pepper Johnson kind of guy and eventually down the line being a head coach a la former middle linebacker Mike Singletary with out the rants.

When his road ends as a linebacker in this league I hope that Tedy B. follows B.B. and becomes a Patriot coach. A Patriot for life.

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