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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

People Hate the Patriots

By Rocky

Of course they do. We got Kraft. We got Belichick. We got Brady. We are the equivalent--to steal an analogy from a friend--of the guy driving around in a convertable while chomping on an expensive cigar with a knock-out blonde in the passenger seat. If you aren't that guy then you hate him. Change the cigar to a bottle of Stetson and you have Brady.

ESPN's SportsNation polled the country about which NFL team they love to hate and 34% answered the Patriots. "Only the Cowboys are more despised than the Patriots. SportsNation singled out five teams fans loved to hate. The Cowboys drew 36 percent of the vote, followed by the Patriots (34 percent), Steelers (12 percent), Giants (9 percent) and Raiders (9 percent)."

eSpN did skew the results by only allowing America to pick from five teams. Still nobody hates losers besides the obnoxious Raiders. We didn't need a poll to know that people are jealous of us. They could have easily asked, "Which NFL team do you wish played in your hometown?" and the 9% that Oakland soaked up would have transferred to us. If you listened to five minutes of sports talk radio in the last five years you already know that we went from being the Patsies to the Dynasty and that America's Team is a nickname that should be voted on regularly. In 1992 People named Nick Nolte their "Sexiest Man Alive" he doesn't introduce himself as such today, so drop it Cowboys. Speaking of People, America's Team and blondes.

How about that aforementioned poll, ESPN? We'd do it here but it would be unanimous save the few Jets fans who wander over and e-mail us about Mark Sanchez. Who, well, is following the Brady model in one way--you better hope he's good at his Sunday job and then people will start hating you for a good reason.


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