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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blaugh's NFC Norris Predictions

By: All of us

The NFC North

Rocky's Picks

Basement: Pontiacs

They'll be better than last year. Whether it's Matt Stafford or Daunte Culpepper, Calvin got himself a better quarterback-way to go youngblood. I'm interested in seeing Schwartz's coaching techniques.

3rd Man Out: Vikodins

Major Dad is so terrible he can bring down a team with Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and Percy Harvin.

Runner Up: Meatpackers

The most important guy for them is Dom Capers who they hired to change the D from a 4-3 to a 3-4. And they drafted for the switch picking up BJ Raji and Bruce Matthews in the first round. The handsomest guy on the team is Will Blackmon.

Champs: Dem Bears

All this team has missed for the past half-decade is a goddamn quarterback. Now they have him in Cutler, who I'd easily put in the top echelon of the league. Up until opening day the Bears have started 37 different quarterbacks in their last 171 games. Barring an injury I see one starter in Chicago-and that's for more than 17 games.

JR's Picks

Last place - Leos - Really can't see them winning more than three games although one game is more than they won last year.

Second to last - Minnesota Farveless' - Sure they have a great running back, sure they have one of the best d-lines in football, but there is one thing they don't have, and that is Favre. Does anyone see Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels doing anything at all? I know I don't.

Second - Bears - Nice that they picked up a QB after pretending for years that Grossman and Orton were QBs. The real question is, who is Cutler going to throw to? G-Reg and Clark are good TEs but not primary WRs. Hester can beat any corner in the league but is like a New York Mets outfielder when it comes to actually making a catch.

First - Cheeseheads - Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant, and Greg Jennings lead a Packer offense into the playoffs.

Greg's Picks

Last place- Kittens- They wont go winlesss but pretty close. The only
question is who do they take with their first pick?

3rd place- Minnesota Viks- Missed out on getting the guy from the wrangler
commericals and will miss out on the playoffs. 50 cent aka Tavarias Jackson
will not take the pressure off A.P. Teams will stack the box and Brad
Childress will be down on bended knee begging for Brett the Jet or he will
lose his job.

2nd Place- Chicago Cutlers- The Cutlers will be the surprise team of the
NFC- Forte is a stud and Cutler was a great pick up but has no one to throw

1st Place- The Pack- Aarron Rodgers becomes one of the best Qbs on the
season and of course Will Blackmon returns 12 Punt/Kick Returns for a TD
which propells the pack to the playoffs.

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  1. Just stumbled across your site. Funny with the Major Dad and Chilly picks. Really funny. But I guess your picks are off. Sucks to be you. and Sux to be a Pats fan this year. ha ha. Send us back MOSS!! You don't want him. He doesn't want to be there. Trading Seymour? Sending players home? Dumb. GO VIKES!!