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Monday, August 3, 2009

Once promising OLB Vince Redd released

By: Greg

Second year outside linebacker Vince Redd has been released by the Patriots. Mike Vrabel's departure seemed to open the door for Redd to not only make the team but compete for serious playing time. Redd showed his abililty to play sucessfully in the NFL at the end of last year, so this is a surprising move. In early training camp practices however he saw himself on the sidelines more than the field. Redd could have been a solid special teams player but the with a thin Outside Linebacking core the Pats need more than just a special teams player they need a pass rush. Banta Cain, Crable and Woods provide more of that. Overall Redd was not a fit for the Patriots as stated by BB:
"I just think where we are defensively, there are probably other teams that he might fit a little better schematically, with the skills that he has," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said
The Patriots signed DE/OLB/LS Rob Ninkovich fromerly of the Saints. While Ninkovich has one hell of a name, I dont think the game is the same. His only chance to make the team is to become the Long Snapper.
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