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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patriots Preseason Preview Game 2: vs Bungals

By: Greg

The Patriots host this years HBO's hard knocks team, the Cincinatti Bungals who have lead the league in one area for the last few seasons: arrests.

What to watch for:

1. Battle for 3rd WR position

Joey Galloway was unspectacular in his debut for the Pats and seemed to have trouble remembering the plays. Greg Lewis has impressed at camp but did not do too much during the first preseason game. The dark horse is mini waterbug, Julian Edelmen. If Lewis and Galloway do not step up their game they could see their playing time going to Edelman. Watch tonight to see if Joey or Greg get a leg up on the competition.

2. QBs: Will Brady get his hit? Will Kevin OConnell get more playing time?

Tom Brady wants the snot knocken out of him, will he get it in tonights game? While I hate seeing Brady get touched I am hoping that some on the Bungals gets to him so that we can all breath a sigh of relief and Brady can get past that first big hit.

The other intriguing this is Kevin O'Connells playing time. Last game he only passed the ball once. I want to see if O'Connell gets more plays and if he can become the back up QB for this years squad.

3. The T.E. Race

Chris Baker got to a Usain Bolt start by grabbing two TDs and looks to be in a big lead for the starting position. Lets see if Brady still likes going to him a second game around. A good TE would be a major weapon for this offense.

Alex Smith will have to do something to cement a spot on his team. Rumor is Watson will not play tonight so its Smith's opportunity to come up big for the Pats.

4. Who will emerge as CB starters

There are about 6 options at corner to start so these preseason games are essential in grabbing a starting nod. Will the rookie/2nd year players gain maturity and confidence? Will the older guys like Springs and Bodden step up?
5. Local TE Matt Sherry playing for the Bengals

This one is a little sentimental for me. I played along Sherry for 4 years in high school and now he is in the NFL. After being cut earlier in the season he got a call back to join the team a few weeks ago after a couple TEs went down. Sherry has not seen any action this preseason but I am hoping he gets on the field and catches a few balls. Sherry played for Hendricken in Rhode Island for 4 years before going to Villanova and staring there for 4. This year is his second in the NFL. Good Luck Sherry, take it to the house!

Blauhgs Game Two MVP
Ok not to brag or anything but last week I predicted that Julian Edelmen was going to be the breakout play vs. the Igggles and well you know what happened. So if you dont mind stand up off your couch/work space and give the Blauhg a golf clap. Thank you Thank you.

Tonights breakout's player is....

Johathan Whilte- Whilte looked pretty good last week, this week he goes against Ocho Cinco, Coles and Henry.....all talented but all beatable....Whilte has a big game in him...I see a few pass broken up, 1 interception and a few key tackles.

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