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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Patriots waive back up QB Kevin O'Connell

By: Greg

The Patriots have decided to let go back up QB Kevin O'Connell in a surprising move. In my eyes Kevin was destined to be the back up this season and in the future be the next guy in line down the road. He was a mobile QB who had some polishing up to do but in my opinion was worth keeping on the team.

He struggled vs the Skins but one of his interceptions went right off the hands of a Pats WR. He looked better that Walter and has more a feel of the Pats offense that Walter but I guess BB did not see it the same way.

It is a surprising move considering Brady went down in the game. All the signs now point to the Pats going after a veteran QB via a trade and/or free agent. The Patriots probably got scared again when they saw Brady down, thinking that there is no way that Walter or O'Connell can lead this team. That being said I think they let go of the wrong QB.
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