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Friday, August 14, 2009

Preseason Game 1 recap

By: Greg
Brady is back and you re going to be in trouble, hey now hey now, Brady is back.

Yes, take warning NFL Tom Terrific is back and he looked sharp in his first preseason game since going down in week one of last year. He went 10 for 15 with 2 TDs and 1 mistake. He looked comfortable in the pocket and had zip on his throws. Many so called experts thought it would take Brady all preseason to get back and rolling. He hooked up with Moss a few time and got a long pass interference call on our old friend Assante on a bomb to Moss.

Other positives...

In my recent post about who to watch tonight was about Julian Edelmen. Well he was certainly the star of last nights game. He returned a punt for a 75 yard TD and also caught 5 balls for 37 yards in a Wes Welker like fashion. When they drafted this kid I had high hopes for him after watching his athleticism for a few years at Kent State. He looked like he has made a seemless transition from QB to WR and could be a perfect slot/ returner for the Patriots. Letting him return punts instead of the Waterbug Welker would cut down on chances of a Welker injury because everytime a ball is punted to Welker I feel like someone is going to decapitate him.

Another standout was Chris Baker the TE who is in a battle with four other guys for a spot on the team. He caught two touch down and totaled 33 yards on the day. He looked fluid in his routes and is now in the lead for the starting position.

Other guys who looked solid were:
Tully Banta Cain- a sack and a few pressures
M. Pyroir- Got the start and played well with the first team- could be an impact if BB sticks with the 4-3
Patrick Chung- This guy is a beast, was all over the field and blocked two kicks- This guy is going to be a stud.

The Not so good....
Andrew Walter the back up QB did not look good, going 5 for 9. I would like to see Kevin Oconnell get more a look next game.

Joey Galloway- Did not look explosive. He dropped a sure touchdown pass from Brady. Also on the sidelines he was going getting quizzed by Brady on the plays...not a good sign. If he keeps those things up I could see him being cut.

Phoney Maroney- again he was dancing with the stars into holes instead of hitting them hard. That game was his chance to get a leg up on Fred Taylor. He ended the game with only 14 yards on 6 carries.
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