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Friday, August 28, 2009

Preseason Game 3: vs the RedSkins

By: Greg

The third preseason game is usually the key game for B.B. coached teams. Over the last 6 years the Patriots have played their starters longer and have played more like a regular season game in the third preseason game. So look for more of that tonight as they travel to D.C. and take on the Skins.

What to watch for?

Tom Brady- he will be playing into the second half tonight, so look for him to hit his stride and rhythm. This is a big game for him to get his timing down. Also by playing into the second half it gives him the feel of a regular season game of being able to make 2nd half adjustments.

Punt Returners- Who will the Pats give a chance to get that starting punt return spot? Pat Chung muffed one last week and will most likely get another shot tonight. Julian Edel THE man will also see time back thier. If one of these guys can impress enough and give BB enough trust for them to have the spot it would relieve Wes Welker the Waterbug from getting his brains beaten in on punts.

Will Maroney hit the hole or will he be on dancing with the stars- Watching Baloney all you want to see is him hit the hole hard and not dance in the backfield. Hopefully something clicks in his mind of just putting his head down and going full speed ahead. Get the four yards dont go after the big play every time.

Is Watson on thin ice?- Ben Watson better watch his spot on the squad. He just came back from injury. The Pats will prob only carry three TEs and Watsons job could be in jeopardy. If Watson fails to impress or even play he could be on the chopping block.

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