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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recap of preseason game 3

By: Greg

In the all "crucial" preseason game 3 the Pats offense looked good and the defense looked shaky but most of all Tom Brady got shook up and busted up his shoulder. I dont care that BB said he wasnt taken out of the game because of the and I know that is just BB being BB. But lets put that aside and just talk about the game.

Blaugh's observations:
Randy and Brady= ohhh baby. They were absolute on the same page and looked to be in mid season form. For all of you fantasy football players bump Moss up on your rankings because he will be catching a ton of TD passes. Overall the offense looked real good and this is without Welker.
Just hit the hole!- Phoney Maroney is still dancing with the stars, he cant seem to put his head down and hit the hole. Every time he gets the ball he does the Macerena then runs, I rather have straight ahead Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor in the backfield and put Phoney to return kicks.
Punt Returner gets Wanged Chunged- Patrick Chung lost my confidence and I am sure BBs confidence with his second muffed punt of the preseason. He did have a nice return to set up the winning FG but I dont want to see him back their with any pressure on him. The job is EdelTheMans or Waterbugs.
Defense is holy- Too many missed assignments and big holes especially vs a mediocre Redskins offense. Brushi got burned on a 73 yard pass to Cooley, the CBs except Bodden looked slow and were beat multiple times.Not a good showing by the first team.

High Lights

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