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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who Are Three People Who Have Never Been In My Kitchen?

By Rocky

What is the answer to the question posited in the headline? Or at least who said it? If you are mentally sluggish take in some Mental_Floss. This will be like windsprints for your dome.

We bookmark, it's a really clever trivia website so when you spend an hour on it you feel more like you are learning than burning time. And we apologize in advance for being the pusher-man but we're going to hook you. Try this quiz for a taste; it asks you to name 11 of the 12 teams that used to play in the NFL or AFL in the past 50 years. They give you the LOS ANGELES Raiders, our hint is to the upper right–so you are down to ten teams and there is ten minutes on the clock.

As for the question in our headline, the man who said the question on Jeopardy was Cliff Clavin and it was genius.

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