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Monday, September 14, 2009

Back Room Patriots Predictions

Two blogglers put their money where their two-typing fingers are.

Latest Line: Patriots -11.5, O/U 47.5


While The T.O. Show is listening to MJ in his crappy headphones, probably to "Wanna Be Startin Something," the Bills will be warming up the bus (see below). Take the Over. Also if you can find someone to give you an "if bet" on this, take it: If Owens scores, he will shed one glove and end zone moonwalk.


As he is running off the field at the end of the game T.O. Tweets, "I can't believe that the Pats beat us 35-10! That Tom Brady is a real handsome guy though." Lay the 11 and the hook (ed note: 11.5 points) and take the Pats. Dick Jaruon may want to call J.P. Losman back after this one.

Blauhg Decision:

Take the Pats with the Points, the Over and get your keys ready to tell the Bills to warm up the bus:

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