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Friday, September 18, 2009

Back Room Patriots Predictions

One bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

Patriots -3.5 at Jets. O/U 47

By Rocky

J.R. refused to answer calls and e-mails to file his gambling report on the Patriots/Jets game this week because, well, he's a Jets fan. And I believe he is scared. The Jets D looked good and Sanchez appears serviceable so Vegas only set the line at 6.5 but gambling trends have dropped it down to 3.5. I'll takes it, thank you New Yorkers who still have income disposable or other! I can't begin to explain what happened against Buffalo on Monday Night, I can only point to my previous post where I said I don't like playing on Monday Night, even if it were against the Tuskers. How did the Patriots go from being talked about having a more potent offense than 2007 to being given back three spread points during the week? Wake up it's Week 2 no season has been won or lost yet (looking at you, Packers and Raiders, respectably). I predict the Pats will take it to the house a few times at Giants Stadium and Belichick will–obviously–welcome Sanchez in the league with or without Mayo. I don't see the scoreboard being lit up by the Jets and don't think the Pats have enough time to score 48 points so I'm also going with the Under.

Blauhg Decision:

Pats -3.5 and the Under
at (baring a playoff in which the Jets are seeded higher) their final contest at Giants Stadium. Wait...J.R. is going to be in attendance. Take the Pats, giving the points, parlay that with the under and J.R. being ejected from Jets Stadium. "J-E-

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