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Friday, September 25, 2009

Back Room Patriots Predictions

Two blogglers puts their money where their two typing fingers are.

Patriots vs Falcons +4.5. O/U 47

By Rocky:

I don’t know what kind of team the Patriots are right now because I don’t think they know. They don’t seem to have an identity, meaning something like, “we throw lots of touchdowns” or “we’re the team that plugs up the middle of the field.” Parodying the bratty rich kid who has just graduated college and has gone off to backpack through Europe, the Patriots are trying to “find themselves.” Someone throw them some special brownies and a Red Light District girl to help them find themselves. Much like that rich kid post-college, they are trying to skate through life and it ain’t working. But when will they gain a persona? Will it be on their actual trip to the Old World? Possibly, but I hope it comes sooner, like this Sunday-sooner. I hope they decide they are the “shut down Matt Ryan-to-Tony Gonzalez team” this weekend. But more so I’m counting on Brady finally clicking. Remember when we were "The Patriots, Brady’s team?” That was nice. Irregardless I think our D can’t hold the Dirty Birds down and the Over hits.

By Mahk:

Pats win in a close game. Matt Ryan leads the Falcons on a late drive to make the score more respectable.

Blauhg Decision:

Falcons +4.5 and the Over
It will be close and it will be crazy–crazy like a Belichick. The Patriots get decked in the temple early and then…

Medic: "How many fingers am I holding up?”

Pats: “Two.”

Medic: “How many Super Bowl rings do you own?”

Pats: “Three.”

Medic: “Son, can you remember your name.”

Pats: “The Patriots?”

Medic: “Are you sure?”

Pats: “Yeah The Patriots, Brady’s Team.”

Medic: “Welcome back.”


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