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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Baconater traded to the Saints, release Alex Smith and get TE Micheal Mitchell

By: Greg

With cut day here, the Pats need to make decisions on many players to get the roster down to 53 players. There was a log jam at TE, four guys and three spots. The Patriots saw that teams had intrest in David "Baconater" Thomas and thought why not get value for a guy instead of just releasing him. The Baconater was probably not going to be cut by the Pats but he probably had the most value in a trade.

The Patriots have traded David Thomas to the Saints for an undisclosed draft pick in 2011. It would most likely be a 4th, 5th round pick which is good value for a second string TE. More to come on the actual round.
In his career Thomas has 21 grabs for 261 yards and a TD. Also one BIG late hit penalty vs. the Colts, douhh!
The Tight End movement (sounds dirty) does not stop there.....
The Pats have also traded for TE Micheal Matthews from the G Men for an undisclosed draft pick (I am sure not more than a 6th or 7th).Matthews seems to be more of a blocking TE than a pass catcher, he only has 8 catches in 32 games.
And the action does not stop there....
The Patriots have released Alex Smith, whom they traded for this offseason. Smith did not perform as well as they expected in preseason so they owned up to their mistake and got rid of him.
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