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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Game Balls: Ben Watson and Brandon Meriweather

By: Greg

Wow what a game. Every week we will bring you who we think deserved the game balls, 1 on offense and 1 on defense. Feel free to add your two cents and your two gameballs.

Offensive Gameball: Ben Watson- 6 catches 77 yards 2 TDs
Watson went from being on the cusp of making the team to driving the Pats to their first win. Watson had the final two TD catches on pretty much the same route. Both balls were good passes but not easy to hang on to when you have safeties coming to take your head off. Watson stepped his game up and could be a huge down field weapon this year with teams keying on Moss and Welker.

Defensive Gameball: Brandon Meriweather- 8 tackles and one HUGE Strip

Big players step up in big games in big situations. This is exactly what Brandon did. He made the strip (and not Woods as the announcers were saying) to win the game. A heads up play when the Pats needed it. Kudos to little guy Gostowski for running down field and recovering the ball. On defense he seemed to be all over the field, the Pats need him to play like that for their defense to be sustainable this year.

Recap of the game is on its way....

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