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Monday, September 14, 2009

ITS TIME! Week One Preview: MNF vs Bills

By: Greg

Its been a lonnnnng time since we have seen the Patriots play in regular season game. Its been an even loonger timer since seeing Tom Brady play in a regular season football game. Well today is the day. Put your favorite jersey on, grab your wings, pizza and beers and park your seat on the couch.

Keys to the game

Brady and his timing- Brady wont be the same as he was in 2007, I am sorry he wont, at least not for a few games. He hasnt played a regular season game in over a year. His timing will be off but just how much off. If Brady can get into an early rhythm, this spells blow out. If not the Pats could be in a battler

Does T.O. show up?- T.O. will play but how effective will he be. Hes on the down side of his career and hasnt played much in the preseason because of an injury. But it is MNF so that means a big stage for T.O. Will he be sloppy and start yelling at his Offensive Coordinator and QB or will he relish the lime light and put on a show.

Will the secondary toughen up?- Last season the Pats secondary was one of the worst in the league. If that happens this year, the Pats will not be super bowl champs. Tonight is day one for them to prove them selves. They face a good receiving core with T.O. and Lee Evans leading the way. Will the youngins step up and mature? Which veteran CB will make a statement and be the leader of the secondary?

Which RB will get the most carries- Fred Taylor looks like he will be the starter but who will get the most touches. Dancing with the Stars Maroney needs to hit the hole and if he does he can be a great RB but if he doesnt he will find him self on the bench. Will the Law Firm (Green_Ellis) and/or Straight ahead Sammy Morris see any playing time?

Players to watch on the Bills:

Offense- Fred Jackson- Last December Jackson filled in for Marshawn Lynch and will do the same tonight. He had over 150 yards in that meeting and the Pats were loading the box. Hes a tough straight ahead runner. If the Pats can contain him, they will win the game.

Defense- L. McKelvin CB- Very athletic CB who returns kicks. He will either play Moss or Galloway. He can make plays but if hes on Randy I feel bad.

MVPs of the Game:

Offense- Randy Moss- If the preseason was any indication of what might happen this season, Moss looks to be the one of 2007. Moss will have a huge game tonight.

8 catches, 110 yards, 2 TDs

Defense- Vince Wilfork- In order to stop the run Vince will need to take on a few blockers and stuff the front. While his stats might not be eye popping, if you see a low Yards per rush for the bills you know Wilfork is getting it done.

3 tackles, and a lot of stuffed holes.

Prediction: Pats 31 Bills 17

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