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Friday, September 11, 2009

Love Letter sent to Seymour

By: Greg

There has been a lot of confusion on what is happening with the trade of Richard Seymour. Why isnt he showing up (duh he doesnt want to play in the black hole of a franchise)? What happens if he doesnt show up? When does he have to show up? Whose on the hook if he doesnt show up?

Well now Seymour received an ultimatum and must show up with in 5 days. The Raaiiiiders sent Seymour a "love" letter stating: please please show up to our crappy crappy team, we wont win games but we got some cool looking fans to look at. And if you dont show up in five games well then you are suspended, maybe for the year and by the way your contract will be ours for next year. So not only will you sit out a year but the following year you wont be able to hit free agency and you will be a raiiiider again.

I dont blame Richard for not wanting to go to the Raiiiders. However, now he pretty much has to show up in five days or be suspended for the year. He would then give up free agency next year. From what I hear Seymour is the Raiders problem now so the Pats are not on the hook for anything.
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