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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Preview Game 2: @ The J-e-t-s

By: Greg
"We dont just want to win, we want to embarrass them"- Rhodes, Jets Safety

""I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings," Buddy Ryan, Jets Coach
''We're going to be playing this game like it's the Super Bowl,'' - Kris Jenkins- Jets DT

"Talk is Cheap"- Tom Brady

It is on, its on, its on. Jets v. Pats is a game fans look forward to every year but this year is even more special with all the stuff that is coming out of both ends of Jets players and coaches. With that being said the Jets defense looked really good last week and the Patriots looked shaky until the fourth quarter.
Keys to the game

1. Rough up Dirty Sanchez-The Patriots need to hit Dirty in the mouth and rattle the rookie QB. If they can get to him early in the game and fluster the rook then the Patriots will be in the driver seat. If Dirty gets into a rhythm and gains confidence it spells doom for the defense.

2. Contain Leon Washington- Leon in my opinion is my most dangerous guy on the offense. The Patriots struggle with little Running Backs and Washington is just that. If the Pats can contain him in the running and passing game with guys like Guyton, it will be a big lift for the Pats.

3. Bring back that loving feeling. Ohhhh that loving feeling. And by loving feeling I mean Tom Bradys rhythm with the Patriots wide receivers. Brady looked tentative in the first three quarters but turned it on in the fourth. The Pats need that kind of loving feeling to get the offense clicking.

4. Stop the blitz. Buddy Ryan wants to make out with Blitzing defense. Its all he does. The Jets blitzed the most times in the league last week and look for more of that this week. The Pats need to keep Brady off his back. Look for quick screens, reads and passes to Welker in order to combat this blitz.
Players to watch on the Jets

Last week my guy to watch was Leodis McKlevin "Very athletic CB who returns kicks" and we saw how that worked out for the Pats. Lets see if I can work my magic and reverse jinks the Jets.

Offense: Leon Washington- RB- Threat to take it the distance every play. Pats have had problems with him before. He will make plays, just hope they are limited.

Defense: Darell Revis CB- One of the most underrated CBs in the league. He is on the level of Nnmandi Ohsojnfdknadf of the Raiders. He can flat out cover. He will be on Randy most of the game, look for him to quiet Randys numbers.

MVPs of the Game

Offense: Wes Welker- The Waterbug is going to be used and used often. The Jets love to blitz so the dump off and quick passes will be in play. Look for the water bug to have over 10 catches for over 100 yards.

Defense: Gary Guyton- Guyton needs to step up and fill in Mayos spot on the defense. Guyton will be keying on Washington and he has the athleticism to stay with Washington. Guyton needs to step it up.

Prediction: Patritos 24 Jets 20

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