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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preview Preseason Game 4 vs G Men


The annual preseason vs the Gmen kicks off tonight. The game where little to no starters play, hardly any beer is sold and there is more of a family atmosphere at the Razor.
Tom Brady and most of the starters will likely been holding clip boards and looking for hotties in the stands while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th string guys are fighting for jobs.

The first job to look at tonight is Tight End. Chris Baker seems solidly in the first team with his performance in camp and preseason games. Meanwhile Ben Watson, Alex Smith and David "Baconater" Thomas will be battling for the second and third spots. Many teams including the Iggles are watching this battle and whoever is cut will be picked up right away. My prediction is that Alex Smith gets the boot, but i can see Ben Watson with his injuries being let go too. See who gets the most playing time tonight and that will most likely tell you.

Another thing to watch is the back up QBs. Kevin Oconnell was cut making Andrew Walter the back up and Brian Hoyer 3rd. I want to see what these guys have to offer if anything happens to Brady and also if there is any thing in the future to look forward to.

Linebackers- who will step up and take Bruschi's spot and which linebacker who would have been cut will now make the team. Watch for Paris Lenon, Rob Ninocovich (sp) and Shawn Crable. Most likely only one of these guys will make the team.

Running Back- Will the Pats keep both Ben Jarvis Green Ellis and Sammy Morris, I hope. Or will they let one go.

Punt Returner- Will they let Chung get another chance, and do we trust him? Does Edeltheman resume duties?

The best thing about this game is that the regular season is right around the corner and we get to watch the real thing in a little over a week. Get ready for some football!

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