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Friday, September 4, 2009

QB Andrew Walter to be cut.

By: Greg

ESPN is reporting that back up QB Andrew Walter has been told he is going to be released today. This again is surprising news considering they just cut Kevin Oconnell. The move means that Brain Hoyer has won the back up job.

Walter was picked up from Da Raiiiiders in August and was the top guy to be the back up to Brady. He went 5 of 9 for 62 yards with no touchdowns in the preseason and did not see any action last night when Brian Hoyer brought the Patriots back from 21 down to victory. Hoyer went 18 of 25 for 242 yards with a touchdown in the game.

This leaves the Patriots with only two QBs on the roster. Now they can do two things here. They can stay with two QBs, with a very very inexperienced QB backing up Brady and have Julian Edeltheman as an emergency QB. If Brady were to go down (plllleaseee no!) the Patriots would be in trouble. This option however gives the Patriots an extra roster spot for either another TE (Watson and Alex Smith), another RB (Law Firm and Morris) or another LB.

The other option is to go after a veteran QB and bring him in as the back up. Guys that have been rumored are AJ Feeley, Damon Huaurd, Tavarias Jackson, ect. This would give the Patriots insurance if Brady went down. We will find out soon enough....

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