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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


By: Greg
Through out the season we will bring you players who need to step it up! Since we know that most of the Patriots roster reads our blog on a daily basis this will give the players who need to step it up a little bit of motivation. If the player who needs to step it up doesnt read the blog, could another player pass the info along to him....thanks.


Where have you been? I havent even noticed you on the field. No where to be found. The Pats traded two draft picks for you and let go of Seymour because they thought you would be the pass rush they needed but the only thing you seem to do is rush off the field on running downs. Its been so bad that when I tried getting a picture of you online with the Pats all I could get is that blurry/small one to the left. So far you have 1 sack and 4 tackles, but did not do anything against the Jets or the Falcons. You need to step it up!!! In order for the Pats to succeed on defense they need a pass rush. They thought taking you out of the black hole would motivate you, well if that didnt maybe this blog post will. SO STEP IT UP or back to the black hole you go!

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