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Friday, October 30, 2009

5 UFLers Who (we suppose) Could Play WR for the Pats

By Rocky:

Let’s hope the Pats get healthy during the bye week because we are tight at wide receiver. While some reports around the trade deadline alleged that the Patriots were making frantic calls looking for more wide outs, those yielded no acquisitions. We here at the Blauhg are still hoping for more help. Since the brandie new UFL is supposed to be a developmental/rehabilitation/feeder league for the the NFL let’s take a look at the five guys who might be able to provide a few catches for the Patriots.

Now don’t call us crazy, we aren’t thinking we’ll find a Moss or Welker in the discard pile, to that point we weren’t even looking at those style of receivers. What we are in search of is a player who can step in for a few plays a game and deliver–just help plug the dike for the short term, possibly:

1. Taye Biddle, Florida Tuskers, averages 20 YPC.

Despite being shot in his hand and leg in January he’s the UFL’s leading receiver. Oh and the crazy thing is that he was they guy the Giants signed to replace Plaxico Burress when Plax shot himself.

2. Craphonso Thorpe, New York Sentinels, Over 200 receiving yards in three games.

Grabbed multiple balls in tight games in for the 2007 Colts. Has terrible name.

3. Sonny Shackelford, California Redwoods, 11 catches for 100 yards.

Caught passes from Isaiah Stanbeck at the U of W. Has awesome name!

4. Keary Colbert, Florida Tuskers, just signed on let’s see if got his juice back.

See also: Koren Robinson, New York Sentinels, 9th pick overall in 2001 NFL draft, real spotty off the field.

5. Tab Perry, Las Vegas Locomotives, averages 26 yards per kick return

His health has burned him in the past, once with the Bengals and once with the Dolphins. We aren't in dire need of a long-term position player so if he can stay off the trainer's table he could be our guy.

--But probably not Ryan Hoag.

--Or a bizzaro version of the heart of our Super Bowl teams.


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