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Friday, October 9, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 5

Where, this week, one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are. And the other texts in his lock from Italy.

Patriots -3 at Broncos. O/U 41

By Rocky:

OK we may have found out who the Pats are in the past two weeks, but now the identity crisis falls on the Broncos. Is Josh McDaniels “the architect of the 2007 Patriots’ offense” or is he simply McFourleafclover?

Has he won over Brandon Marshall and the team or are we just talkin’ bout practice?

Is Neckbeard the same loser he was in Chicago (minus the Super Bowl run)

or a rockstar?

Even after the regime changes can Denver look like the Broncos of yore (no, I mean this era) and flat run the score up?
Matt Stafford and Knowshon: pro football players, amateur obstetricians

Are the Broncos, excuse me, the 4-0 Broncos (with wins over the Bungals, Browns, Raidahs and Boys) an undefeatable team? Thus far, no, but we’ll see Sunday.

Both the Pats' and Bronc's leading rushers are out: Taylor and Buckhalter respectively. McDaniels knows our team in and out while BB only knows what goes on inside the mind of Lucky Charms and a few of his tercerary players. What works for the Broncos will be their attitude. They are a 4-0 team with little respect, meaning they have no hype to live up to and thus the reverse jinx says that they win. This is me hexing the reverse jinx causing the vortex to spin the other way and nullifying the reverse by making it just a jinx. Or did that just undo it?

Anyways, Brady steps up–but not into defenders–and Wes Welker has the game of his career, earning the Steve Largent Trophy for "best white wide receiver" over Stokley.

Oh, and I just got a text from J.R. who is in Italy, "Jets are my (Mahk) Lock of the Week. No way Rex lets them lose to a run-only teams. Jets 27-Fish 10 (make it the Bloccare of the Week). And I'm taking the Pats–because the are the better team."

Blauhg Decision:

Mile High will be Shoot-Out City–take the Pats and the Over.


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