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Friday, October 23, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 7

Where two blogglers puts their money where their two typing fingers are.

Patriots -14 Bucs, O/U 43.5


Why the Pats:

-Despite our nickname deriving from that time we kicked England's arse and the game being at Wembley Stadium we'll have the homefield advantage.

-The Pats have thrown 102 passes on 1st down this season and have been sacked just once.

-We looked pretty good last week.

-I had to look up the name of the Buccaneers head coach.

-Other than a dodgy headline the Bucs Bleacher Report columnist has a poll titled "How Close Will the Bucs Stay Against the Pats"

-Maroney looked pretty good last week.

Why Not?

-We are short on running backs and somehow Maroney isn't the one injured, yet.

-The wide receivers. No Edelman. We got rid of Lewis and Galloway. Sure Moss and Welker are the best tandem in the biz but for a free-flinging offense we need more bodies, or rather, legs. Aiken is passable and Slater has yet to catch a pass. Can Tate step it up and contribute immediately?

-The Bucs might be inept...but they are young and scrappy.

-The forecast in London for game time is 60 and partly cloudy–no snow or ice.

Mahk's Lock of the Week:

Falcons +3.5

Dallas is not really that good. And not only that, it seems like they are not coached at all. When is everyone going to get off the notion that Tony Romo is a good QB? He really is not good at all. Atl, on the other hand, is a solid football team. Sure Dallas is playing at home and sure they are coming off of a bye week, but that wont help them here. Matty Ice and the Burner win this one convincingly. Fal-cones 31 Cowgirls 14

Back to the Pats.


I think that Sister Mary's School for the Blind could beat the Bucs by more than 15. Pats land in the 40's here. Could be more.

Pats 45 - Sucs 3

Blauhg Decision:

Take the Pats with the points and the Over.

We hesitated with the Over call but then we realized that the trip across the pond isn't a missionary excursion attempting to convert the footie followers into American football fans. The trip isn't goodwill. It's about money, about getting another continent to shell out dollars for NFL hoodies (preferably ones cut off just short of the elbow). No doubt Kraft wants every pasty chap in a Pats pullover and his best chance at doing that is to have New England crush the red jerseys. In a way it is sort of a missionary trip to convert the limeys to Pats fans but mostly to convert their pounds into into American dollars. It's Kraft's one shot to Imperialize Great Britain and for that reason alone we think the Patriots will bring out the big guns.



  1. Lock. It. Up. Falcons and Pats will be big winners this weekend!

    Bearing down...

  2. Ah, gotta disagree with the homefield advantage call. Glazer is irrelevant, nobody cares but Manchester United fans (who won't be there, they have a big game at Liverpool on Sunday afternoon) and journalists. The Patriots have the biggest fanbase in the UK, but fans of the other 31 franchises will all be pulling for the Bucs - the Patriots have a major love/hate thing here. Plus we Brits love an underdog.

    Weather is expected to be dry and cool - dropping from 60 to 50 as the game goes on.

    Me and the missus will be there, cheering loudly for the Pats ! 24 years as a Pats fan and I finally get to see them in the flesh ! So excited...