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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brewer and a PATRIOT

By Rocky:

Chris Shellcroft of Fansided decided to assign each NFL team a beer that appropriately suits them. Guess which pint we pulled?

"Sammy went from local microbrew in the 80’s to American beer giant in the 90’s while the Pats went from Steve Grogan hell to Tom Brady heaven in about the same span."

I, for one, think that Grogan was a fine quarterback. Do you know which quarterback holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in one season? Kordell? No way. Vick? Nope. Vince or Steve Young? Hahaha. It was good ole #14, who had 12 in 1976 to O.J. Simpson’s eight (and this was the Juice’s third best rushing season). Screw the Wildcat.

Wash that down while checking out the unofficial beers of the rest of the league by clicking the link above.

By the way we are matched up against stale-piss-water this Sunday.


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