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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheerio! Pats Preview vs Buccs

By: Greg

Cheerio! Good Day! It certainly will be a good day for the Pats and Pats fans today. The Pats play a lowly Buccaneers team in London and look to go full speed a head into their bye week.

Where are your Buccaneers? Answer- Under your buccin hat. (Thanks Dad)

Honestly today will be the easiest game of the year for the Patriots as long as they stay focused. Will London and the soccer hooligans distract the Pats today? Did they do too much sight seeing? Will they take the Buccaneers too light? With BB, I dont think so.

Keys to the Game:
1. Establishing a third WR.

Galloway was cut. Edeltheman broke his arm. The Pats have two WRs and are looking for a third. Will it be Sam Aiken, the special teams star? Will it be Brandon Tate, a star in college before he went down with a big injury and was on the PUP list? Will it be Terrence Nunn a young player out of Nebraska who showed flashes in the preseason. Whoever it is needs to click with Brady the way Galloway didn't.

2. Getting the English men on our side

The fans sure will be cheering for all the kickers and punters (guys who kick the ball). But the key for the Pats is to get the fans to cheer for our defense and offense. Maybe BB will bring some tea and crumpets instead of beer and pretzels for the tailgaters.

3. Keep Maroney running straight aheed

Nows Maroneys time to shine. Morris and Taylor are out for the game. Maroney had one hell of a game last week. But will he keep it up? Im sure if he doesnt the Law Firm will come in and replace him. Today is the day for Maroney to show last week wasnt a fluke.

Players to watch on the Buccs

1. Antionio Bryant- A stud WR with no one to get him the ball. Hes only got 14 grabs on the year but is a deep threat anytime he runs a route.

2. Ronde Barber- The Buccs let everyone else go except for Barber. He can still get at it and will most likely be playing Moss. Aquib Talib is the other guy, which give the Buccs a solid one-two punch on the corner.

MVPs of the Game


The Law Firm will get his chance to play with Morris and Taylor out. The Law Firm runs and runs hard. Look for 90 yards and a TD.

2. Mike Wright

Mike will be right today. He has been solid all year and he will get plenty of play today in London. Mike will have two sacks today.

Prediction: Pats 34 Buccs- 10- The Pats take it to the lowly Buccs. Buccs have nothing on offense. The Pats will be all over young Josh Johnson. The Defense will score. Tea and Crumpets for everyone!

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