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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Game Preview: Patriots vs Ravens

By: Greg
The beers are on ice and the wings are ready to take their weekly dive into the fryalator. Another week and another huge game. The Ravens are ranked number one in the ESPN power rankings. Their offenses is clicking on all cylinders and their defense is well the Ravens defense.

Keys to the game:

1. Establishing a running game: We saw last week that a balanced attack can and does work. The Patriots need to establish a running game with Fred Tractor Taylor and the rest of the crew. This will take the pressure off Tom Brady both figuratively and literally. The pass rush cant key on Brady when there is a threat of Tractor Taylor breaking off a big one.

2. Stopping the Ravens two headed monster: Ray Rice and Willis McGahee have been a dominate one two punch this season. McGahee eats up the touchdowns while Rice eats up the yardage. If the Pats can stop the run like they did last week then the Pats will be victorious.

3. Injury Status of the wounded: Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, Randy Moss, Nick Kazur, 3 corners. If a good chunk of these guys are out the Pats are in trouble. If Welker and Wilfork suit up the Pats become that much more dynamic. Welker will be huge in dump offs for Tommy when the blitz comes. Wilfork is key in shutting down the running game by swallowing up two linemen.

Players to watch:

Offense: Joey Flacco- The most improved player from last season. Flacco has become a weapon instead a guy the Ravens are trying to hide. The Pats shut down his draft mate Matty Ice last week, lets hope they do the same to Flacco.

Defense: Ray Lewis- Why not, this guy is still a beast and makes that defense run. Contain him and the Pats will be up and down the field, dont and the Pats are in for a long day and plenty of Ray Lewis dances


Tom Brady: This is the week where Brady breaks out numbers wise. Brady was clicking last week. If Welker comes back Tommy will put up huge numbers. Even if the waterbug does not play Brady will still have over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. So everyone can quiet down Brady is fine.

Brandon Merriweather: He will be very busy this week both in the pass and run game. Brandon is second on the team in tackles with 19 and it seems like week after week he comes up with a key fumble recovery or strip. Brandon will strip Derrick Mason today along with 7 tackles and one stomp.

Prediction: Patriots 31 Ravens 23

The offense will start to click, the defense will bend but not break.

1 comment:

  1. wrong. without welker you're one dimensional and you will not be able to contain rice, mcgahee, AND macclain.